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Supacart is an inventory tracking project. It uses supabase for auth and database...

Welcome to supa-cart 👋

Version License: MIT Twitter: iamelcharitas

A supabase powered react app for store inventory management submitted for supabase bring-the-func hackathon

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Technologies and Services Used

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This simple app powered by supabase is a store inventory management software. Designed with love using SaaS UI - @saas-js

SupaCart uses Supabase to handle authentication (signup/signin/forgot password) and also for realtime data.

You can run your own instance by typing the commands below in your terminal.

gh repo clone elcharitas/supa-cart
cd supa-cart
yarn dev

How to Use SupaCart

To see Supa Cart in action, Watch this Loom Recording

Where was Supabase Used?

Supabase was used throughout most of the application. However more concisely, to handle

  • Authentication - Made easy with SaaS UI
  • Realtime Database - Storing and Retrieving Shop Keepers, Products in Warehouse, Sales etc

Team Members (1)

elcharitas jonathanirhodia@gmail.com


SupaCart using supabase works so easily and thanks to SaaS UI having a support for supabase by default, creating auth pages is quite seamless too. In the future I hope to add more specifics to SupaCart

  • User Avatars
  • Personalized Stores
  • Shop Keepers access Stores
  • Track Inventory
  • Track Sales
  • Generate Reports as PDFs

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