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Web3fied version of buymeacoffee.com...

Krypto Koffee

a web3fied buymeacoffee.com connecting helping creators receive support from their audience

Krypto Koffee is a decentralized payment bridge for web3 content creators. It is a web3fied version of buymeacoffee.com which allows content creators receive support from their audience in cypto(USDC)

Krypto Koffee is a decentralized crowd funding dApp designed to help creators monetize their audience, fans and followers. It will allow creators to grow and get rewarded for their effort in building a loyal community of connected users who share and engage with them on their platform.

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Tracks Submitted

  • Coinbase Challenge 1 x 2
  • IPFS/Filecoin integration
  • Storage Wizard
  • WorldCoin ID
  • Web3fy Web2 product

Technologies Used

  • Coinbase Wallet integration
  • WorldID for zk verification
  • web3.storage and w3name for IPFS
  • React/NextJS for Frontend
  • MUI for UI Framework
  • ethers.js lib amongst many others

Challenges encountered

  • Coinbase Wallet bugs at times when metamask is also installed(we had to uninstall metamask)
  • The world id docs is straightforward. we found an easy way to integrate it. Although, WorldID can be very slow in verification and at first, we thought it was a bug on our side. In future iterations, we intend to create a custom integration of WorldID.
  • Setting up IPFS for access only storage was a bit troublesome. We had to implement a accessKey generator. This access key could then be used by users to update their profile. WIthout an access key, updating profiles becomes impossible.
  • Issues also came up with saving files. We needed to save the files with specific file names. Thanks to Jenks whose code helped with this

Team members

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