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KnuckJS is a Simple and lightweight JavaScript Framework to build lightning fast CSRs using any template engine Learn more


Installing knuckjs is effortless as you can choose to install it as a dependency using npm or yarn

npm i knuckjs
---- or ----
yarn add knuckjs

or directly include using a CDN like jsDelivr

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/knuckjs@0.1.1/dist/knuck.min.js"></script>

Sample Usage

Here is a sample Hello Knuck app. Full documentation is available here.

// Hello Knuck in Typescript
import Knuck from "knuckjs";

let app: Knuck = new Knuck(function create(Route){
    // tell knuck where to look
    this.realpath = location.pathname;

    // listen for a path
    Route.get('/', function(){
        return "Hello Knuck";

    // let's knuck this app out


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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page. You can also take a look at the contributing guide.

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