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New Updates: Newsletters, Improved Blog Search, Bug Fixes

Alright, lovelies, as promised, today's the 25th which is the official release announcement date for my new portfolio we...

Alright, lovelies, as promised, today's the 25th which is the official release announcement date for my new portfolio website. Over the past month since the first release, so many changes have been added. They include the following:

  • Bug Fixes

  • Code Syntax Highlight

  • Blog Search

  • Newsletter Subscription

Lots of Bug Fixes

I had previously mentioned that I got lots of bug reports from friends who helped QA this portfolio. One notable one was by thenosaosas who pointed out a style glitch with the intro logo animation on the homepage. He had been instrumental in designing the logo itself based on a sample I provided and found it weird that the animation was off πŸ˜…. Each of these bugs and many others have all been fixed.

Code Syntax Highlight

You probably noticed how previously, code snippets were not styled or highlighted in a way that makes them easy to reason about... While not yet completely stable, there's now support for code syntax highlight. I'm still experimenting with the most suitable style and will be changing the styles in the coming weeks depending on request.

Blog Search feature

You know how hard it can be to find some posts I may have written previously. Well, I also felt the same pain and so making use of Hashnode's headless service, I've integrated a search feature which is pretty easy to use. This feature is still being explored and may be buggy so, feel free to send in bug reports via X or you can also create a GitHub issue

The blog search is the first of a full sitewide search which I should implement with time. However, this implementation should make it easy to find any posts without much stress. You can use any valid search filter such as the title of the blog post or any words in the content you can recall and the search will elegantly filter and return the results.

Newsletter Subscription

If you don't yet know about it, you can now subscribe with ease to my blog's newsletter. Subscribing would allow you to have direct updates to your mailbox (that's if you read it πŸ˜…).

The steps are pretty straightforward. You only have to input your email address and click the subscribe button. An email will be sent to you to confirm your subscription such as below.

You only have to click the link and you're all set! You can get started right now by checking the newsletter page πŸ”₯

Alright, that's all folks. Keep an eye πŸ‘€ out for some more features though! I have some surprises for you which aren't ready yet but they'll be popping up from time to time on this portfolio.

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